NEQMAP celebrating 10 years: some highlights of key activities

NEQMAP celebrating 10 years: some highlights of key activities

Header NEQMAPThe Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia-Pacific (NEQMAP) has reached its 10th anniversary this year. Over the past decade, NEQMAP has been dedicated to promoting quality education in the Asia-Pacific region by providing a platform for knowledge sharing, research, and capacity building. In this article, we will explore some of the research and initiatives of NEQMAP that have contributed to improving the quality of education in the region. 

Knowledge Sharing 

NEQMAP has been instrumental in promoting knowledge sharing among its members and partners. One of its key initiatives is the NEQMAP Knowledge Portal, which provides a platform for sharing research, data, and best practices on education quality monitoring. The Knowledge Hub has over 500 resources, including reports, case studies, and policy briefs, and is accessible to all NEQMAP members and partners. 

Another important knowledge-sharing initiative of NEQMAP is its annual meetings. NEQMAP members and partners meet yearly to share their experiences and best practices in education quality monitoring. These meetings provide an opportunity for members and partners to learn from each other and build collaborative relationships. 

Some examples of knowledge sharing publications: 


Capacity Building 

NEQMAP has been committed to building the capacity of its members and partners in education quality monitoring. The NEQMAP Capacity Development Programme (CDP) is a flagship initiative that provides training, technical assistance, and mentoring to NEQMAP members and partners. The CDP covers a range of topics, including data collection and analysis, assessment design, and quality assurance. The main target audience has been government officials with responsibility for designing and implementing learning assessment/curriculum in their respective countries. 

Some examples of past capacity building workshops: 

NEQMAP's research activities have been helped advancing the knowledge base on education quality monitoring and assessment in the Asia-Pacific region. The network has conducted numerous studies on topics such as assessment literacy, assessment for learning and equity and assessment, which have contributed to the development of evidence-based policies and practices in education. NEQMAP's research has also highlighted the importance of using multiple assessment methods and tools to capture the complexity of learning outcomes and to ensure that education systems are inclusive and equitable. Additionally, NEQMAP has worked to build capacity in education quality monitoring and assessment by providing technical support, training, and mentoring to education practitioners and researchers in the region. 

Some examples of past thematic research:


As NEQMAP celebrates its 10th anniversary, the NEQMAP Secretariat at UNESCO Bangkok would like to thank all members (past and present) for their contributions and dedication to promoting quality education in the Asia-Pacific region. None of the successes highlighted above would have been possible without the expertise and devotion of all members. Let’s continue the good work.