Global Coordination

At the global level, the SDG-Education  2030  Steering  Committee,  convened by  UNESCO,  constitutes the global multi-stakeholder governance mechanism for SDG4. 

The primary objective of the Steering Committee is to support the Member States and partners to achieve the ten targets of SDG4 and other education-related targets of the global agenda. The Steering Committee is mandated to provide strategic guidance to the Member States and the education community, make recommendations for catalytic action, advocate for adequate financing, and monitor progress toward SDG4 targets through the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and the Global Education  Monitoring Report.   


The Steering Committee is composed of 38 members representing a majority from the Member States,  as well as  World  Education Forum 2015 co-convening agencies (UNESCO, UNDP, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UN Women, the World Bank, ILO), OECD, GPE, regional organizations, teacher organizations, and civil society networks.