Regional Training Webinar on the UIS Surveys on Formal Education, 8-9 December 2020

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The UNESCO Institute for Statistics conducts its annual Survey of Formal Education and also compiles data collected by partners’ organizations in order to monitor and report on SDG 4-Education 2030 and to respond to the growing needs of cross-country comparable education statistics by Member States, international organizations, donor agencies, academia and others,

The UIS Survey of Formal Education collects internationally comparable data on key aspects of education systems, such as access, participation, progression and completion, school infrastructure, as well as the associated human and financial resources. The data collected through the Survey of Formal Education are used by Member States, international and regional organizations, the media, academics and students and are published in UNESCO’s international education database, the Global SDG Database, the United Nations Statistics Division’s UNdata and the World Bank’s EdStats.

The data are also used in publications, such as UIS annual SDG 4 Data Digest, the Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM Report) and the Sustainable Development Report.

The training webinar informed Member States on reporting the essential needed data gathered in the Survey of Formal Education by building the required knowledge and skills of participating countries to be able to report cross-country comparable education statistics. 

The webinars addressed between 80 to 90 participants, spread over two days, from:

  • National liaison officers or focal points for the UIS Survey of Formal Education;
  • National education statistics;
  • SDG 4 national coordination;
  • National planning offices.

Webinar Presentations and Questionnaires:


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