Operational Guide to Using EMIS to Monitor SDG 4

Submitted by j.barallas on Fri, 07/02/2021 - 09:50

The Operational Guide to Using EMIS to Monitor SDG 4 builds on the Guidelines for Data Management and Functionality in Education Management Information Systems (EMIS), outcome of the first International Conference on EMIS at UNESCO Headquarters in April 2018, and aims to provide further operational guidance on how to implement data collection strategies from the viewpoint of existing global commitments related to SDG 4 indicators. The document elaborates on the processes followed by the UIS as the custodian agency of most indicators in SDG 4 to aggregate and curate the data, and explores the key characteristics of existing national EMIS to illustrate the capacity of EMIS to produce administrative data. Moreover, the document proposes a set of standards to illustrate and support countries in their efforts to collect and produce better quality data.