Practical tips for living and studying in the time of COVID-19

64 cards summarize key expert recommendations on several topics related to learning at home, working remotely, staying healthy, talking about COVID-19 and information hygiene, relationships, and leisure time during home confinement.

The cards provide:

  • Useful tips for parents, caregivers and teachers how to talk to children of different age about COVID-19 and be prepared to answer difficult questions
  • Rules to stay motivated to study or work remotely, organize daily routine and balance work, study and the rest
  • Universal precautious measures to stay safe and protect others including those who cannot work remotely
  • Ideas how to maintain physical and mental health, read news about the coronavirus and cope with stress
  • Advice how to support healthy relationships and communication without discriminating those affected by COVID-19


English Version

1. What question children could ask about the virus?

2. How to talk to your children about the coronavirus?

3. Talking about the virus with children of ages: Helpful tips

4. Seven rules to stay motivated to study or work during quarantine

5. How to study at home and prepare for exams during quarantine?

6. What if going into quarantine is not an option yet?

7. How to read news about the coronavirus?

8. How to cope with stress in a pandemic?

9. Chasing the virus, not the people: How to deal with stereotypes around the coronavirus?