Asia-Pacific Thematic Working Group on Adolescent and Youth Education, Learning and Skills Development (AYESWG)

Asia-Pacific Thematic Working Group on Adolescent and Youth Education, Learning and Skills Development (AYESWG)


The focus of the work of AYESWG is on:

  1. In-school: Supporting secondary school access, completion and learning, as well as skills development of adolescents and their transition to the world of work, with a focus on the most vulnerable and marginalized groups;
  2. Alternative pathways: Supporting relevant equivalent learning as well as training and skills development of out-of-school adolescents and NEET youth including foundational, transferable and digital skills and skills for employability and entrepreneurship.
  3. Post-secondary training and skills development: Supporting youth to access and complete work-based training, TVET or alternative non-formal and information training and skills development opportunities and acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for life and decent work.

Main responsibilities and activities:

  1. Facilitate collaboration and coordination of activities across partners and key stakeholders
  2. Undertake advocacy and partnership development
  3. Identify, organize and build knowledge and develop materials
  4. Serve as a platform for knowledge exchange, inspiration and innovation
  5. Facilitate system review and strengthening of secondary education, training and skills development
  6. Undertake capacity building of MS where relevant and feasible
  7. Regularly seek feedback and engagement of adolescents and youth to inform the working group strategy, as well as member’s programmes, where applicable

Current members:

  • Multilateral institutions and UN agencies (International Labour Orgaization (ILO), UN Women)
  • Regional Organisations (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organizatio (SEAMEO), ASEAN Foundation)
  • Development Banks (World Bank)
  • Civil society agencies (Asia South Pacific Association For Basic And Education (ASPBAE), PLAN International)
  • Youth-based organizations
  • Private sector companies (Digi Malaysia)
  • Academia
  • Members of the UN Asia-Pacific Inter-agency Network on Youth (APINY)
  • Partners of Decent Jobs for Youth and Generation Unlimited

Regional Webinars:

  1. Youth not in employment, education or training (NEET) in South Asia